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Treat Yourself...

A small amount of caviar is an easy way to treat yourself. Even if there are two of you, a 15 g tin is enough for your first spoon tasting of caviar, served with a glass of champagne.

A 30 g tin is a small appetizer for 4 people, while a 50 g tin is a more generous appetizer.

Of course, large gram weights always make a greater impression at special, celebratory meals.

There’s such a wide range of caviar selections in the Sturia collection that it's often interesting to sample several of them during a dinner or appetizer, this gives you an opportunity to compare and discuss them with your guests. The following are a few examples :

  • 15 g of Oscietra and 15 g of Vintage, for 2 or 3 people to discover caviar from 2 fish species
  • 30 g of Primeur and 30 g of Vintage, for a shellfish or fish starter for 6 people
  • 15 g of Primeur, 15 g of Vintage and 15 g of Origin, for a journey through mature caviar for 4 people
It’s also interesting to pair each caviar with a different wine or champagne.