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Caviar Is A Wonderful Ingredient That Really Enhances Your Dishes.
The Sturia collection offers a wide range of options for pairing with very diverse dishes.
Caviar acts as a condiment, seasoning your dishes with its salty, iodine flavours.
You must follow three rules :
1The more powerful your recipe's main ingredient, the more mature your caviar should be
2Caviar should always be added at the end, when you are plating
3Caviar should not be cooked
Here are a few examples of pairings. Over to you for further creative ideas !
Primeur caviar goes with raw shellfish and fish, which highlight its freshness.
Vintage caviar is ideal for warm dishes: fish, eggs, pasta, etc.
Origin caviar is for hot dishes and pairings that showcase its powerful flavour – even with some red meats !
QUANTITIES A small tasting spoonful : 2 g A generous spoonful : 5 g On a starter : 8 g On a main course : 10 g
SERVE CAVIAR with a glass of brut champagne dry white wine iced vodka