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Tips For A Successful Tasting Session...

Caviar is very sensitive to temperature variations. Tins should be kept sealed and stored at the back of your fridge until your tasting session.

Put some crushed ice in a glass cup, dish or caviar dish set and present the caviar tin on top.

You don't need to open the tin beforehand. On the contrary, opening it is part of the ritual in front of your guests. To open the tin (which is vacuum-sealed), lever it with a spoon or use our Sturia key.

You don't need to stir the caviar or add any condiments – caviar on its own is quite enough.

Serve immediately using small mother-of-pearl, porcelain, nylon or wooden spoons. Avoid metal spoons since they oxidize caviar.

Spoon tasting is the easiest and most convivial way to enjoy caviar since its subtle flavours are best appreciated on their own.
But if you want to serve something with your caviar, choose neutral flavours and avoid anything sweet. Caviar can be served with crème fraîche, blinis, soft-boiled eggs, sliced Ratte potatoes, etc.