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A princess story

In the early twentieth century, sturgeon Acipenser sturio was largely present in the estuary of the Gironde, Dordogne and the Garonne where females went back to spawn. The Legend said that a Russian Princess, crossing the Gironde, was horrified to see that the fishermen kept the fish while the eggs were roughly thrown into the sea or given to the ducks! She explained that in her country this dish was sold very expensive and fishermen were amassing real fortunes. Thus, in 1920, starts caviar production on the right bank of the Gironde , up to nearly 5 tons per year!

What about the protection of the specy

Unfortunately, the sturgeon will be caught indiscriminately, leading to a gradual disappearance in the waters of Gironde ... Finally, the fishing was completely prohibited in 1982. In parallel, the Cemagref Bordeaux (Centre of Agricultural Machinery, Rural Engineering, Water and Forestry), is launching a program to repopulate the area with sturgeons. For this, it requires the efforts of experienced fish farmers, including Sturgeon society to try to breed and reproduce in captivity Siberian sturgeon specimens, the Acipenser baerii.
After few years of patience, Aquitaine caviar is back to life ...